Weekend Update–and sorry it’s late (by Mom, from July 9-10)

This past weekend, we stole the kids away from Maryland for a quick trip to Rehoboth, Delaware where we spent a couple of days on the beaches (actually at Cape Henlopen, in Lewes, Delaware), but only one night at the motel.   I’m proud to say the kids were as golden as our sun kissed skin (and that’s pretty golden!).

On Saturday, we picked up our rental van in lieu of taking two cars to the beach as all six of us fit in neither Nat’s nor my vehicles–ahhh…I must say I soooooooo miss my old Honda Odyssey mini-van!!!   (I apologize.  I am positive I just threw a little tantrum there.)  The kids were slightly disappointed that our van was sans a dvd player but they toughed it out like the little non-spoiled (okay, slight lie there) troopers they are, and traveling with them was a delight, actually.  

We arrived Saturday afternoon, spent Saturday late afternoon and evening on the beach.  The section of beach we happen to have chosen was speckled with trucks,
fishermen/women, and families but was peaceful.  The kids busied themselves making sandcastles, and Connor enjoyed making a sphinx, a pyramid and a temple, and he tried to make a sanctuary, but none of the other kids were interested in helping him.

We had a little action when one of the fisherman caught a baby great white shark.  Pretty cool…and a little cause for concern…though it was only about a foot long.  Nat and I came into the State Park at a different entrance this year than we had last year and, thus, had not found our “secret” spot we had only been to once before, and had, apparently, landed on more of a fisherman’s beach.   Live and learn.

Later Saturday, we ate at the local pizza joint–Villa Pizza–by far the best pizza I’ve had to date–and were in bed by 11 p.m.  We found our way back to “our spot” on the beach by 8:30 on Sunday morning–a spot we were happy to share with our kids and a HUGE school of dolphins.   Nat found a sand flea while jumping waves with the kids.  We headed home by 11 a.m., having our first “beach tailgate” beforehand.

Sorry this update is so late, but we’ve had a very busy week so far as the boys are taking some classes at a local community college (more on that later), and the girls are busy with their gymnastics.   We will update the blog again soon.   We hope you continue to enjoy the pictures. 


Friday, Day 13: Open Gym, Slurpee Friday & Another Rainy Day (by Bella, age 13)

Today’s entry will be short and sweet.  That’s because we didn’t do anything too exciting.  I had gymnastics practice and then we went to Open Gym.  Here is a picture of the boys–sorry it is blurry.  Topanga is just learning how to do her back handspring.  She was doing some on the tumbletrack today.  Here is one of her.  We got COLD Slurpees after Open Gym and came home.  We got home just in time because there was a storm and it rained like cats and dogs!

Thursday, Day 12: Parfaits and a Picnic by the Pool (by River, age 10)

I don’t really know how to start this, but do you think it’s possible to eat a breakfast parfait in only FIVE bites?  I made my breakfast parfait today out of Reese Puffs cereal, strawberry yogurt, bananas, and rainbow sprinkles, and I ate it quickly!  It was very good. Connor had Capt’n Crunchberries cereal with strawberry yogurt and chocolate sprinkles.  Everyone liked their parfaits.

Later, we went to the pool.  Topanga has gotten much better with her swimming.  She should be proud.  We had a picnic and Bella liked watching the swim team.  Afterwards, we stopped and got ice cream and also some bagels for the weekend.

Wednesday, Day 11: Fix the Car, 5 Below, PetSmart & Chinese (by Mommy–who’s trying to help catch up the blog)

Wednesday was spent running errands, the first of which was to get my car repaired.   Sounds boring, but as it turns out it wasn’t as bad as I thought.  I had to get the power steering flushed, which beats an oil leak as originally thought.  River and Topanga posed for a picture next to an old car on display at the dealership, which they thought was neat.

We have a couple of stores here called “5 Below”, which sell things for five bucks or less.  It’s not the kind of stuff you find at dollar stores–the quality is much better.  I alloted each kiddo a spending allowance of 7 bucks, plus Connor had an additional amount from the “Tooth Fairy”, so off we went.  Of course, with so much wonderful stuff in the store, it takes a child (and an adult) a while to make a selection, you know.  But I also put a limit on the time we spent in the store (20 minutes), and the children respected the limits and picked out the items rather quickly.   River was torn between candy and a soccer ball until I told him “no candy”. LOL   Connor selected computer games, and Topanga picked something for her DS system.   Bella, absorbed with fashion at the moment, snagged up nail polish and a t-shirt.

Connor has been talking about wanting to get a snake.  (NEWSFLASH for Allison if you didn’t already know!)  Apparently, he’s interested in several different kinds of snakes, none of which I know anything.  I decided a quick trip to PetSmart (because we were right there, and because our cats could ALWAYS use a new toy) would give us a quick education.  We learned that the kinds he are interested in are fairly easy to handle but ARE constrictors, do NOT have opposable thumbs (DUH), and therefore cannot remove the clamps to their cages, and are better off in smaller tanks their first few years than bigger so they will not get used to becoming big hunters by having lots of room to roam.   Hmmmm.    The turn off was the word constrictor.   I don’t like anything more constricting than the elastic in my underwear, thank you.   So, I’m sorry, Connor.   I think if you want a snake, you’ll have to discuss this with Mommy Ally on your own.  ;0)    We were invited back at the end of the week to hold the year-old snake (ummmm….) and we bought some fake mice…for our cats, not the snake.  Here is a cute cat up for adoption.  

Our busy morning ended with an early afternoon lunch at China Jade’s restaurant, where the children were very well behaved and the food was delicious.  Connor has decided that he likes to try a lot of different things instead of having just one entree, it appears, and today he has learned that he loves pepper steak prepared well-done, hold the peppers, thank-you. 

Tuesday, Day 10: Game Day at Home & Gymnastics (by Topanga, age 8 3/4)

We all stayed home today and played games.  We played Rumis, Blokus, and Monopoly.  We also played a game called Tip It.  

I also got to play the Wii for one whole hour! I played Carnival, Hannah Montana, and Mario Kart, and then I played the DS Jewel Master game for about 20 minutes.

Later, Bella and I went to gymnastics practice but guess what?  We didn’t know that there was NO practice because of the 4th of July holiday break.  They were also closed for the 5th of July, too.   So we got another little break.

We went to the store with the boys afterwards and bought all the things to make tacos with…hamburger, cheese, sour cream, taco seasoning and beans.  We had the other stuff at home.  We had a yummy dinner!

Monday, Day 9: Fourth of July (by Bella, age 13)

Hello, everyone!   I hope you had a nice 4th of July.  I hope you will leave a comment in the “comment section” letting us know how you celebrated the 4th.  We didn’t do anything special. 

We played outside for part of the day but the bugs were bothering us.   We would have stayed out longer or even eaten outside, but we went inside instead.  Nat grilled us a nice dinner.  We had delicious chicken with barbeque sauce and corn.  We also had potato salad, coleslaw, and watermelon and it was awesome!

We did not go to see any fireworks but we heard some in the neighborhood.  We spent the evening playing video games and watching some television.   Did you take pictures of the fireworks?

 I want to tell you about the groundhog family that lives under the bushes in our front yard.   They like to come out on our front patio to see if Nat has left them any treats to eat.  She puts some out almost every day.  I think they are so cute and puffy.  I wish I could hold them.

Sunday, Day 8: Smithsonian and Happy Birthday to Mommy Ally! (by Connor, age 11 3/4)

Early in the day, a thunderstorm woke me up from my slumber. When I was supposed to get up, we went to the subway and rode to the Smithsonian. There, a folklife festival was happening. Through the desert we call Washington DC, we trekked to get to the museum. While there, we visited several exhibits in this order: Ocean Hall, Birds of D.C., Human Origins, Mammals Hall, Dinosaurs(we couldn’t really see much of that exhibit because of the HUGE crowd), Atrium Cafe, Korea Gallery, Hope Diamond(we only got a photo of it, we didn’t get to read the info), Bones, Egyptian Mummies, & finally, Written in Bone. We exited the museum and went back home by using the subway again. After we settled in, we called Mommy Ally to say Happy Birthday! We filled her in on what happened in Maryland. At the end of the day we ate some delicious orange- flavored chicken with rice mixed with onions and soy sauce.