Sunday, Day 8: Smithsonian and Happy Birthday to Mommy Ally! (by Connor, age 11 3/4)

Early in the day, a thunderstorm woke me up from my slumber. When I was supposed to get up, we went to the subway and rode to the Smithsonian. There, a folklife festival was happening. Through the desert we call Washington DC, we trekked to get to the museum. While there, we visited several exhibits in this order: Ocean Hall, Birds of D.C., Human Origins, Mammals Hall, Dinosaurs(we couldn’t really see much of that exhibit because of the HUGE crowd), Atrium Cafe, Korea Gallery, Hope Diamond(we only got a photo of it, we didn’t get to read the info), Bones, Egyptian Mummies, & finally, Written in Bone. We exited the museum and went back home by using the subway again. After we settled in, we called Mommy Ally to say Happy Birthday! We filled her in on what happened in Maryland. At the end of the day we ate some delicious orange- flavored chicken with rice mixed with onions and soy sauce.


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