Wednesday, Day 11: Fix the Car, 5 Below, PetSmart & Chinese (by Mommy–who’s trying to help catch up the blog)

Wednesday was spent running errands, the first of which was to get my car repaired.   Sounds boring, but as it turns out it wasn’t as bad as I thought.  I had to get the power steering flushed, which beats an oil leak as originally thought.  River and Topanga posed for a picture next to an old car on display at the dealership, which they thought was neat.

We have a couple of stores here called “5 Below”, which sell things for five bucks or less.  It’s not the kind of stuff you find at dollar stores–the quality is much better.  I alloted each kiddo a spending allowance of 7 bucks, plus Connor had an additional amount from the “Tooth Fairy”, so off we went.  Of course, with so much wonderful stuff in the store, it takes a child (and an adult) a while to make a selection, you know.  But I also put a limit on the time we spent in the store (20 minutes), and the children respected the limits and picked out the items rather quickly.   River was torn between candy and a soccer ball until I told him “no candy”. LOL   Connor selected computer games, and Topanga picked something for her DS system.   Bella, absorbed with fashion at the moment, snagged up nail polish and a t-shirt.

Connor has been talking about wanting to get a snake.  (NEWSFLASH for Allison if you didn’t already know!)  Apparently, he’s interested in several different kinds of snakes, none of which I know anything.  I decided a quick trip to PetSmart (because we were right there, and because our cats could ALWAYS use a new toy) would give us a quick education.  We learned that the kinds he are interested in are fairly easy to handle but ARE constrictors, do NOT have opposable thumbs (DUH), and therefore cannot remove the clamps to their cages, and are better off in smaller tanks their first few years than bigger so they will not get used to becoming big hunters by having lots of room to roam.   Hmmmm.    The turn off was the word constrictor.   I don’t like anything more constricting than the elastic in my underwear, thank you.   So, I’m sorry, Connor.   I think if you want a snake, you’ll have to discuss this with Mommy Ally on your own.  ;0)    We were invited back at the end of the week to hold the year-old snake (ummmm….) and we bought some fake mice…for our cats, not the snake.  Here is a cute cat up for adoption.  

Our busy morning ended with an early afternoon lunch at China Jade’s restaurant, where the children were very well behaved and the food was delicious.  Connor has decided that he likes to try a lot of different things instead of having just one entree, it appears, and today he has learned that he loves pepper steak prepared well-done, hold the peppers, thank-you. 


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