Our family is a unique one, indeed!  It consists of 4 moms and 5 kids–nice ratio, eh?  It all began when my ex, Allison and I had a child via artificial insemination.  Allison carried and our son, Connor, was born in August, 1999.  Just over a year later, I adopted Bella (age 2.5) from Ukraine.  Then from Guatemala, I adopted River (in Nov., 2002) and Topanga (in April, 2003).  In November, 2005, Topanga’s birth mother had another child, but since I was now the “stay-at-home” mom, I had no income.  So Allison adopted him in January, 2006.  By then we had decided to part ways.  Allison is raising the three boys with her partner, and I am raising our girls with my partner.

It’s a crazy life, but every day I am amazed at how wonderful being a Mommy is.  My kids are so very different, yet they also share many similar awesome qualities.  Connor and River come to visit me each summer, and this summer we decided to “blog” about our adventures.  We aren’t “officially” home-schooling; we are just doing that for fun and to help one of the children “catch up” in a few areas.  All of the children wanted to home school, and so we are.

We hope you enjoy reading about the fun–and the boring–things we are doing this summer.  We hope by summer’s end, we’ll look back and say, “Wow!  We had a wonderful time!”  Allow me to share my family with yours; afterall, there are birth mothers out there who were loving enough to share THEIR children with ME.  The least I can do is reciprocate.



(one of the mothers of the Smith-Maxwell clan)


2 responses to “About

  1. Judy Fahrenholtz

    Hello. Wow what a neat place to visit. I miss the girls and think about them a lot being next to 5280 probably reminds me of them the most. Give them my love.

    • smithmaxwellfamily

      Awwwww. We miss you, too, Judy! I miss all of the gang, and think about you all more than you guys know! Hugs, kisses and love from all of us!

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