Weekend Update–and sorry it’s late (by Mom, from July 9-10)

This past weekend, we stole the kids away from Maryland for a quick trip to Rehoboth, Delaware where we spent a couple of days on the beaches (actually at Cape Henlopen, in Lewes, Delaware), but only one night at the motel.   I’m proud to say the kids were as golden as our sun kissed skin (and that’s pretty golden!).

On Saturday, we picked up our rental van in lieu of taking two cars to the beach as all six of us fit in neither Nat’s nor my vehicles–ahhh…I must say I soooooooo miss my old Honda Odyssey mini-van!!!   (I apologize.  I am positive I just threw a little tantrum there.)  The kids were slightly disappointed that our van was sans a dvd player but they toughed it out like the little non-spoiled (okay, slight lie there) troopers they are, and traveling with them was a delight, actually.  

We arrived Saturday afternoon, spent Saturday late afternoon and evening on the beach.  The section of beach we happen to have chosen was speckled with trucks,
fishermen/women, and families but was peaceful.  The kids busied themselves making sandcastles, and Connor enjoyed making a sphinx, a pyramid and a temple, and he tried to make a sanctuary, but none of the other kids were interested in helping him.

We had a little action when one of the fisherman caught a baby great white shark.  Pretty cool…and a little cause for concern…though it was only about a foot long.  Nat and I came into the State Park at a different entrance this year than we had last year and, thus, had not found our “secret” spot we had only been to once before, and had, apparently, landed on more of a fisherman’s beach.   Live and learn.

Later Saturday, we ate at the local pizza joint–Villa Pizza–by far the best pizza I’ve had to date–and were in bed by 11 p.m.  We found our way back to “our spot” on the beach by 8:30 on Sunday morning–a spot we were happy to share with our kids and a HUGE school of dolphins.   Nat found a sand flea while jumping waves with the kids.  We headed home by 11 a.m., having our first “beach tailgate” beforehand.

Sorry this update is so late, but we’ve had a very busy week so far as the boys are taking some classes at a local community college (more on that later), and the girls are busy with their gymnastics.   We will update the blog again soon.   We hope you continue to enjoy the pictures. 


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