Thursday, Day 5: Cookies, Koi, Kids (by Connor, age 11 3/4)

Today started with cookies, which Mommy had us bake for some of her friends at a meeting, and we delivered them, or from my perspective, SHE delivered them, as Mommy is trying to edit what I post. I was trying to make it look as if I was part of the wacky family by silently playing the DSi so I wouldn’t be embarrassed by Mommy offering cookies to COMPLETE strangers. So much for “don’t talk to strangers!”  Later, I got to engorge in the leftover cookies. 

This afternoon, we went to the Lilypons Water Gardens in Adamstown, MD.   Our bad GPS basically ALMOST got us lost faraway from highly populated civilization. So we had to ask Lilypons for directions from where we were. Once we finally reached our destination, we got the fish food and started our “safari” at the koi pond. While feeding the fish, we got to see the old turtle everyone was mentioning. After the koi pond, I found a tiny water garden with statues or fountains in each of the miniature pools surrounding the main mini pool. Mommy almost got a picture of a frog when Topanga yelled for River to come and see it. Then it hopped away. After Topanga was fussed at for scaring the frog away, we made better pictures of the water garden, then we went further down the path and saw a chair and posed for pictures on it. Finally, we saw some geese when the insects swarmed us. Mommy was out of range of the main swarm of gnats taking pictures of lilies. We decided to go home and flee from the pesky insects who messed up our pictures. We also wanted to escape the heat of the sun making it feel like the Sahara desert.

Once we got home and had eaten some pickles and cooled off, we went back to playing video games. Have a great summer!  ~~Connor~~


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