Saturday, Day 7: Back to the Pool and Relax at Home (by Topanga, age 8 3/4)

First, I want to say that I am happy to have Axel back.  He got lost and we found him and we will be more careful about making sure he does not get into the garage.

On Saturday, we went to the pool.  Guess what I learned how to do?  I learned how to doggie paddle a little.  I am afraid to put my face in the water.   My brother, River, sister, Bella, tell me that it burns to put my face in the water.  My mom says that sometimes the chlorine in the water can sting your eyes, but she gave me goggles.  I am going to keep practicing swimming a little bit further each time I go to the pool.  My mom has been trying to help me but I’m not really letting her that much.   I will try to let her help me more so I can learn.  I am really good at jumping into the pool.   It is so fun.   It was so fun throwing the ball at the boys and jumping in at the same time.  I really like that.

After swimming, we came home and relaxed.  We also played the Wii and some other games.


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