Saturday, Day 15: Busy, But Most Egg-cellent Day

DSC00783Ahhhh….Saturdays.  What can I say?  They were busy enough before the boys came to visit for the summer, and now that the boys are here, can I request that Saturdays be extended to 28-hour days?  Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t trade the boys being here for anything in the world; however, it sure would make my time-management a whole heck of a lot easier if Connor would just get on the ball with his “making time stand still” invention.  Or was it a “going back in time” invention?  Does it matter?  Just extend Saturdays for four hours, and I’ll be happy taking my time getting from point A to point B while enjoying the scenery–much like this turtle did before I rescued it from the middle of the road last month!  (Insert an, “Awwwwww!” about here.)DSC00448

We had some exciting things happen today, so I suppose the day seemed like a 28-hour day, even if it wasn’t.  In some respects, that’s great, right?  (Uh-huh.  Convince me of THAT one when I’m well-rested!)  Between the two girls, eight hours of each Saturday is tied up with gymnastics training.  I’m either planning a pre-workout meal or a post-workout meal, driving someone 20090523 (246)to or someone home from gymnastics, or tying up pony-tails and clipping bangs out of the way. DSC00368 Somewhere during the middle of this chaos, I was able to sign onto our blog where I saw a couple of messages from Bruce Kluger, one of the Co-authors of Dear President Obama: Letters of Hope from Children Across America.  He had noticed the letters my kids wrote to President Obama, and he took the time to write them messages letting them know how much he enjoyed their letters, and that he had included a link to our blog on his page, which can be found at   (My apologies that I do not yet know how to insert a link into this blog.)  My kids were jumping up and down at the news, thrilled that they were (as Connor put it), “On our way to being famous.”   Of course, Bella already thinks she’s famous because we’ve had a few hundred hits on the blog since it started.  That’s one of the best things about kids–it really does NOT take much to make an impression on them.

After running all around town today–yeah, there were some other errands, too–on behalf of River, all I can say is, “BLESS YOU, GAMEBOY!”  He doesn’t complain nearly as much when he’s allowed to play his Gameboy.  A couple of years ago, Connor would have been right there with River, whining about how bored he was and saying how he shouldn’t have to run errands with me.  But then he became an even better reader than he already was and discovered that reading in the car was a good use of time.  River complains of car-sickness while reading, but apparently his Gameboy playing doesn’t affect him that way.  (Wait a minute, maybe I am the one who’s being played!  Hmmmm.)

It was mentioned when he demonstrated “Peanut Butter and Jelly Sushi” in an earlier blog how much Connor enjoys his copy of Bart King’s The Big Book of Boy Stuff (illustrated by Chris Sabatino; published by Gibbs Smith, 2004).  I wasn’t sure what made this book more special, the fact that it’s a manual for boys or that Dana (one of his other Moms) got it for him, but does it matter? This book is so well-loved that Connor has colored in most of the illustrations.  Don’t ask me to tell you what it’s about because first, I’m not a boy, and B (which always follows first), it’s not as if Connor has allowed me to handle it long enough to create a synopsis.   Here, allow me to select several random pages for a “sneak peek”, and you’ll get the gist.   On page 96 there are directions for making, and rules for playing, “Tabletop Football”.   Learn “How to Whistle Loudly” (pages 199-200) and in the section on “Fun in the Outdoors”, there’s a Special Feature (page 73) about how the marshmallow plant is NOT included in the recipe for modern day marshmallows.  I know–unbelievable, right?!

DSC00782While the variety in this book is truly amazing and very entertaining, from my perspective, the most truly amazing thing about this book is that it’s given Connor the confidence and interest to deviate from his comfort zone long enough to try something new.   For example, we replicated the “Kung Fu Egg” experiment (page 3) and not only did Connor hop up from the table to give a few kung fu chops and grunts (per the instructions, even), he was excited about being the first to try his reflexes on an egg.  Then after all of us had a turn at it (ummm…both Bella and I broke our eggs), I asked if anyone wanted to volunteer to put the broken eggs on their heads.  DSC00785Both River and Connor embraced their bravery and manned-up to the task.   Seriously.  River is my dare-devil, but Connor? DSC00788 Not so much.  I really think this book has made risk-taking more rewarding through the use of humor and the celebration of all things “boy”.DSC00781_2

I was ready to stop after the egg experiment, but Connor had already conjured up plans with Nat to make River and him (the only carnivores amongst us) Spamburgers  (page 208) for dinner! DSC00793 Nat deviated slightly from the recipe to accommodate the boys’ tastebuds, and she made them on the grill for convenience.  Connor’s verdict:  delicious!  (Though he only ate a little more than half of it.)  Can you believe that River ate all of his Suspiciousburger, I mean Spamburger, and did NOT have room for dessert?  What in tarnation is going on?   Dana?  You’re a genius!  And to Bart King, I know you have a similar one for girls and you can bet our oldest will be getting that version for Christmas.  (hint, hint Allison and Dana!)  I’d be thrilled if my daughter’s version also includes directions for “Tabletop Football”, but could you please hold off on the “Tabletop Cheerleading” tribute for the college version?  Thanks in advance!


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