Thursday, Day 12: My Kids Are Blooming Writers

DSC00352Since school is out and the boys are visiting us girls, I’ve been taking advantage of not living by the clock (well, not until late afternoon, anyway), by trying to allow the kids to “lead the way” in terms of deciding how they want to spend their summer.  With their goals in mind, I have tried to weave in some of my own; specifically, I am trying to encourage them to write.  All of the kids are reading on a daily basis in order to keep up with their skills for school, but this summer–particularly since the birth of our blog–they’ve all become more interested in writing.  I want them to know that it IS OKAY to write the way they speak, but that it’s also okay to stray from that pattern.  I’ve been pushing their brains to think outside the box, to let down their written boundaries, and embrace their creative and inquisitive minds.  I am impressed by the ways they have blossomed.

The other day, I really enjoyed the poetry they created by “filling in the blanks”, and I wanted to see what sort of prose would develop through the same method.  Below are their creations; I have underlined all of the lines that they have completed.  Again, each child worked independently.

Bella’s Prose, age 11

DSC00156One time, on my way to the moonI carried a bucket of diamonds.  I sat on the moon, slept on the moon, and ate vegetarian tacos on the moon while I was looking for Mars. I felt like I was going to fall when I stood on the moon.  I do not know why the moon changes shapes because I don’t know enough about the moon yet. I decided to go to Earth before going to Jupiter.

I am beautiful and an astronaut. One day I will be a singer. Remember I am 11 years old and my name is Bella.

Topanga’s Prose, age 6
One time, on my way to swimming lessons, I carried my bathing suit.  I played my Gameboy, read a book, and talked to Mommy while I sat in the car.  I felt happy when I won a trophy.  I do not know how to swim because I am afraid of the water.  I decided to be brave before I went for it.DSC00593

I am laying on my back in the water and I am very good.  One day I will learn how to swim. Remember I am your daughter.

Connor’s Prose, age 9

One time, on my way to South America, I carried gearDSC00592I was going to explore tombs, pyramids, and Machu Picchu while I tomb-raided for archeology.  I felt energized when I saved the world from a horrible demise. I do not know how to scuba dive because I need to learn that to get to the underwater tombs. I decided to be a tourist and tour
South America before tomb-raiding.

I am shooting giant, evil, demon tarantulas,and I am not going to eat them because I read they taste like shrimp.  One day I will find Vilacamba, The Forbidden City. Remember me.

River’s Prose, age 8

One time, on my way to New York, I carried my baggage.  I met new people, got a new dog and cat while I looked for a new house to buy. I felt really excited when I got the cat and dog. I do not know how I got to New York because I was asleep.  I decided to get a t.v. before I got my new house.DSC00750

I am running to get a new house and get my t.v. set up.  One day I will go to visit my sisters.  Remember I will always come again.


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